Maryam’s birthday get togethers…

Yes, I know what you are thinking, Mubeen has written in plural, but I am right, usually there would be one birthday celebration, one get together, you know what I mean as that is what normally happens…but oh no, not in the world of Maryam and no before you ask, neither of the the parents had any control over this! 

You see, as parents, especially when it comes to birthdays, you need to be careful, very careful when you mention to your beloved child what may happen to celebrate the auspicious occasion of their miraculous birth, if you slip up, what happens is that you end up having those events you said may happen, any parent knows what I am talking about, but anyone who knows Maryam knows exactly what I am talking about.

As you are all very busy I will only present to you a couple of the gatherings of the week we had for Maryam!

May God bless this beautulful, innocent, caring, loving gift that He has blessed us with, love you Maryam with all that I am…you are my world, I love you because we have a groovy kind of love! 



One thought on “Maryam’s birthday get togethers…

  1. amy

    Happy birthday maryam…
    Lots of love xxx
    MubeeNour, ur an amazing pair…insh this is a fruitful experience filled with many more adventures :))
    Keep up the awesome updates- enjoying every read.
    Love, hugs n kisses to Nour n girls. ❤


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