Do you have a few cents?

On my way to fund raise and raise awareness of a charity called ‘Second Harvest’ (coming up soon in another post that is in stark contrast with this post!) I came across this building on Bloor Street West in Downtown Toronto.

A huge building that you cannot ignore (unless you are constantly looking at your own feet as you walk) on Bloor Street West.   According to the website, there are a few suites remaining, although it is a very optimistic dream that we would ever live here, I still look forward to seeing the finished product.

Although the illustrations on the website are for illustration purposes only, if it lives up to the description, this will be a very special building indeed, and looking at who is behind the design, it promises to be just that, it is not Romeo and Juliet!


There was something captivating about this building for me, the height, the shape, the deceiving curves as your eyes follow the glass layout, or maybe just thinking how much an apartment here must be!  Nevertheless, the advertisement in the front of the photo above makes me want to attend the event, I have never been to a ballet performance.

I really love the buzz, the diversity, the culture and the feeling of being in Downtown Toronto, if we had the opportunity to live in Downtown, we would strongly consider living here, after all, it is one of the most diverse cities in the world and there is so much happening, there is so much to do, explore and be inspired by.


Anyway, in case you are interested and you have a few cents available, the number is above (or the website link below) if you would like to live in one of the most iconic addresses in Toronto!

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