Canadian Flight Experience 

A first experience.  I flew a plane, well, with a little help!  And the weather was just perfect to be up in the clouds…

Canadian Flight Academy Ltd. is an independently owned and operated Flight Instruction School operating from the Oshawa Municipal Airport in Oshawa, Ontario, Canada.

Their sister school Toronto Airways Ltd operates out of one of the busiest airports in Canada, Toronto Buttonville airport located just north of Toronto, Ontario.

Combined they are one of the largest professional flight training facilities in Canada with over forty aircraft and fifty instructors. Together they provide their students with the benefit of over forty years experience in training future pilots.

Canadian Flight Academy offers a huge range of aircraft available for rent. From a single prop trainer, to a multi engine IFR ready machine with a Garmin 430 moving map GPS.

I was accompanied by my wife’s niece.  This lady was terrified of heights, she hates flying, flying and her are just not compatible.  She opted to go with me in this flight experience to try and deal with her fear.

After belting up at the back, the realisation that my wife’s niece is going first, as in she will be flying the plane first, had dawned upon me.  My worrisome face is a result of remembering how she drives.  With all respect, she is not that bad at driving…its that she has had a few knocks, lets leave it at that!

Back seat view as we begin to take off, exciting and nervous at the same time.

A few people thought she was crazy for doing this, especially bearing in mind that she was due to get married in four days, what a time to face your fears of flying!  However, taking in the beautiful views, it very soon became very worth it no matter how crazy.

Flown like a natural, clearly something she always had inside her!

The photo below I took as we headed back to the airport to do the change over for me to have my experience, it was a very quick turn that really make your insides turn over, definitely would advise to eat light before doing this flight experience.

You can get an idea of the turn through this short video.

I loved the experience and so happy that we did this.  The feeling of flying a plane and being in control of it by yourself was fantastic. Highly recommend.

A proud and successful moment, here I asked her if she would like to go again, she gave me a relatively polite decline to the offer, but very well done.

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