Sweet Boutique 

At Sweet Boutique they make fresh home-made Italian pastries, cakes and gourmet cookies.  While eating from here, saying OMG is an understatement, trust me on this!

As they say, you can enlighten your senses and satisfy your sweet tooth with their fresh homemade biscotti, cannoli, bigne, sfoglia or decadent cakes.

This is by far one of the best places I have eaten Italian deserts and pastries from.  If you are ever in town, I would take their good advice and…

Try one of our desserts made with the finest Italian cannoli shells, traditional zeppole for San Giuseppe and/or sfoglia shells shaped filled with fresh ricotta and cream or our time honoured traditional Italian Tiramisu made with espresso, mascarpone and savoiardi.

This elegant, yet unassuming, pasticceria is one of the most popular go-to shops when you need to make a great impression with a cake for any special occasion.

They specialize in delicious and beautiful creations from elegant wedding cakes to simple sfoglia-based birthday cakes. All the cakes, pies, pastries and cookies are made in-house by owner and head chef Anthony Macri.  He is a great person who makes every visit (yes, we went more than once) a warm and friendly one.


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