Toruk – The First Flight (Cirque-du-Soleil) part 2, the show


I first heard about Cirque-du-Soleil (Circus of the Sun) back in 2001 when I first met my wife.  It came up in a discussion once and she showed me some videos of them performing, I was totally amazed at what they did and I remember making an intention that one day I would love to see them with my wife performing live, and not just watch them on a screen in front of me.  I didn’t think that one day I would actually be going to see them perform live and be writing a blog about it!

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Toruk – The First Flight (Cirque-du-Soleil) part 1, the arrival

We arrived at Union Station, the busiest transportation facility in Canada.  Over 250,000 passengers traverse through here every day which is really quite something.   It opened in 1927 and was designated a National Historic Site in Canada in 1975.  It was also designated a Heritage Railway Station in 1989.

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Better late than never…

This year has really been something regarding the weather, it seems that so many of us are experiencing the same unusual weather for this time of the year, some people are not complaining, the milder weather is more than welcome for some.  Whatever the case maybe, houses that are lit up with Christmas lights and decorations look so much more amazing with a sprinkling of snow above and around them, the photos and videos in this blog are from the neighbourhood where we are staying.

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Technicolor Niagara Falls

Every time I have been to Niagara Falls, I fall in love with the sheer power, beauty and awesome respect that these falls demand.  In the daytime it really is splendid to behold how wonderful this place is and I end up standing there, observing, reflecting and daydreaming about the awe and magnificence of one my favourite places in the world.

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