Banff National Park: Lake Moraine…very, very special!

(My solo road trip of western Canada – Tuesday 22nd September)

I was told by so many people who I had spoke to before and during my trip that I must visit Moraine Lake, I think you will agree through the photos and the videos that they gave me the correct information, Continue reading “Banff National Park: Lake Moraine…very, very special!”

Banff National Park: Sulphur Mountain and Upper Hot Springs

(My solo road trip of western Canada – Monday 21st September)

Ok, I got up this morning hyped up for a hike, I had drove past Sulphur Mountain yesterday and chose this to be my first hike of the trip, it was excellent and well worth it…much more than I expected.   Continue reading “Banff National Park: Sulphur Mountain and Upper Hot Springs”

Banff National Park: Lake Minnewanka, Vermillion Lakes and Cascade Gardens

(My solo road trip of western Canada – Monday 21st September)

Well here I go, the first of my lakes which I believe is the biggest of the lakes in this area.  It’s actually huge and quite magnificent, the weather, air and environment was spiritually uplifting and I was so happy to be here and reminding myself of how fortunate I was to be here.

Lake Minnewanka (“Water of the Spirits” in Nakoda) is a glacial lake located in the eastern area of Banff National Park in Canada, about five kilometres (3.1 miles) northeast of the Banff townsite. The lake is 21 km (13 mi) long and 142 m (466 ft) deep, making it the longest lake in the mountain parks of the Canadian Rockies (the result of a power dam at the west end).
Aboriginal people long inhabited areas around Lake Minnewanka, as early as 10,000 years ago, according to stone tools and a Clovis point spearhead discovered by archaeologists. The area is rich in animal life (e.g. elk, mule deer, mountain sheep, bears) and the easy availability of rock in the mountainous terrain was key to fashioning weapons for hunting.



Vermillion Lakes

The Vermilion Lakes are a series of lakes located immediately west of Banff, Alberta, in the Canadian Rocky Mountains.

The three lakes are formed in the Bow River valley, in the Banff National Park, at the foot of Mount Norquay. They are located between the Trans-Canada Highway and the Canadian Pacific Railway tracks. A hot spring is found at the third lake.


Cascade Gardens

Cascade Gardens in Banff National Park is a well-landscaped garden with a varied mix of annuals and perennials surrounding the park administrative building.

Parks Canada took over the Brett Sanatorium and Hotel built in the 1880s, when it burned down in 1930 and converted it into the present day gardens. Ontario architect, Walter Beckett, planned the Parks administrative building and the gardens in the ~12 acre site, which was completed in 1935.


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