My last few hours…

Probably not the best title to a blog I know, but I strangely feel quite sad that I am approaching my last few hours, a mix of a variety of emotions, it was just yesterday that Nour and I celebrated our thirteenth wedding anniversary (I will post this next as we spent most of the day in downtown Toronto yesterday with her two crazy but very loving nieces).

…I am writing about my last few hours of being in my thirties, I may look it (especially on a bad hair day!) but I certainly don’t feel it and I feel excited, apprehensive, slightly nervous, fortunate, spirited and all the other words that may explain a total mix of feelings that I experience at this moment in time while reminding myself of the decision Nour and I have made collectively to be here for this year…time will tell how good a decision this was but for now all feels overwhelmingly positive.

So here I am turning, becoming, living, experiencing, adventuring into the next phase of my life which will dictate the path of my, our next journey in life with my beautiful family and amazing friends for which I am eternally grateful…


8 thoughts on “My last few hours…

  1. Louise

    My Forties were the best!! You actually learn to enjoy life more with 40yrs experience of life. Plus decisions that you make are more considered as you are not just making decisions for yourself. Have a wonderful fortieth year Dear Mubeen and remember what I said ‘don’t look back’. A fantastic new phase is right in front of you.
    XX Much Love, Lou


  2. You look relaxed and your face is glowing Mubeen. We all know you have made the right decision and I hope everything works out for you. Your move has certainly made me think even more about doing what makes me happy rather than doing what is expected. Love to the family M.


  3. Tony Settle

    Happy Birthday Mate! Don’t worry about being 40 in August you could be me – 65 in August. Hohum! Any way you don’t look it and you’ve got a fabulous loving family to help you through your old age. Very best wishes to Nour and the Girlz!


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  4. Zainab

    U don’t look a day over 21. Happy birthday Mubeen. We miss u all tremendously. Look like u guys are having loads of fun. Enjoy it to the max. U guys definitely deserve it. Love u all lots. Mateen, Zainab and kids

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    1. Hi Dom, hope all is well with you and the family. how are you? How has work been?

      Time is flying here and the weather has changed quite a bit, we have had our first bit of snow with lots more to come! So far has been an amazing experience.

      Take care and hope to speak soon,



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