Balsam Lake Provincial Park

Another visit to a Provincial Park to visit close friends who were camping and were on their last day there.

We call them the ‘Saleh’s’ taken from their surname ‘Saleh’, they have been blessed with four daughters and together are a bit of a crazy bunch.  They camp a lot as their father (Darwish, or Dan) has a love and admirable passion of fishing and has got everything under the sun you can imagine for a successful and adventurous camping trip, to be honest, if the world ended, as long as he had his army knife, fishing rod and his slick boat he would probably be fine (don’t know about the rest of us though!).

Turned out to be another beautiful day and was a very nice campsite with excellent facilities.  The young lady with the fish is Zaynab (or Za Za as they call her, I like to call her the ‘fishinator’) who as you can see has a special relationship with fish that she and her father catch, hard to let go I suppose, a slippy relationship!

Ali Hadi (Rosie’s son) looks proud to show off his catch which he didn’t catch but still makes a nice picture, such an innocent smile!).  Then there is my Maryam who courageously accepted the challenge of holding the fish and still managed to pull of her mesmerising smile, oh and by the way, she wants the world to know that this picture was her last day of being four years old.  Then there is Sara and Fatimah, cheeky little madams, I am sure they were up to something when I as not looking, wouldn’t you agree?

What do you get if you leave a slice of juicy watermelon near Sara…a slice of juicy watermelon that is asking to be attacked…and I have to say, she does a really good job of it!

And that fish that was caught by the fishinator earlier in the day, extremely tasty when barbecued!

Excellent company, sizzling weather, very fishy fish, juicy, scrumptious corn, long drive for one day but a fantastic day nonetheless and definitely worth it!


2 thoughts on “Balsam Lake Provincial Park

  1. Lovely to read your blog. Landscape is amazing and really liked the video about your solo hike.
    Many greeting from Cornwall Faith Forum. Can i please show one or two of the photos at our 10th year anniversary event tomorrow night at County Hall?
    That would be lovely. Very many thanks and greetings from all of us at Cornwall Faith Forum


    1. Hi Rita thanks for commenting on my blog and you are welcome to show photos at the Faith Faorum event, sorry we cannot be there…the weather has really changed and has become quite cold, we have had our first bit of snow in Toronto…take care and regards to the family and the members of the faith forum, Mubeen


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