Bruce Peninsila – Sauble Falls Provincial Park

Sauble Falls Provincial Park is located in the community of Sauble Falls, town of South Bruce Peninsula, Bruce County in southwestern Ontario, Canada. It is in the lower drainage basin of the Sauble River, which flows into Lake Huron. The campground consists of two sections divided by County Road 13. The West section of the site is a quiet zone (no radios allowed). Group camping is available in the east section. Many sites along the east portion of the park back up against the Sauble River. The park is also the downstream terminus of the Rankin River canoe route

  • The perfect base camp for visits to nearby Sauble Beach and to explore the Bruce Peninsula.
  • An exceptional picnicking site including a children’s adventure playground.
  • Spring and fall spawning runs for Rainbow Trout and Chinook salmon. Watch the fish struggle over each ledge of this cascading waterfall to spawn upstream.
  • Excellent fishing.
  • This historic falls used to power a timber mill and generating station. Now flanked by immature forest, the falls are the end of the Rankin River canoe route – ideal for novice canoeists.

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2 thoughts on “Bruce Peninsila – Sauble Falls Provincial Park

    1. Thank you Louise…it was a beautiful place, we like the picture too…as for my chest, I don’t want to make my brother in law (the guy diving) jealous!

      I am currently in jasper, I have seen some truly unbeliever alt things Louise which I will be sharing soon, some of the most beautiful things I have ever witnessed…



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