Banff National Park: Lake Louise and Mirror Lake

(My solo road trip of western Canada – Wednesday 23rd September)

While I was  searching and planning my trip, one of the most common places I came across known for its sheer beauty, especially at particular times of the day was Lake Louise, it was something I was very much looking forward to.

When I got there in the morning it was already very busy, it was really startling from certain angles and the reflectios were stunning as they were crisp and very true.

Mirror Lake was a treat and something that messed with my senses, it is really like looking at a mirror and I have since shown these images to family members  and they have been confused by what is going on, more was to come after Mirror Lake and the horses was very unexpected!

The hamlet is named for the nearby Lake Louise, which in turn was named after the Princess Louise Caroline Alberta (1848–1939), the fourth daughter of Queen Victoria, and the wife of John Campbell, the 9th Duke of Argyll, who was the Governor General of Canada from 1878 to 1883.

Lake Louise has become symbolic of the quintessentially Canadian mountain scene. This alpine lake, known for its sparkling blue waters, is situated at the base of impressive glacier-clad peaks that have long been at the heart of Canadian mountaineering.

The hamlet of Lake Louise, located just minutes from the lake itself, has been developed over the last century to serve the needs of people visiting this astonishingly accessible and picturesque area of Banff National Park.

This bear I was told, unfortunately died after being hit by an vehicle while walking on a road at night, it now on display at the local information centre…

Located nearby, Moraine Lake, with its indigo blue waters surrounded by the Valley of the Ten Peaks, is another one of Canada’s most iconic lakes.

For vacationers seeking the purest of alpine experiences, Lake Louise is a protected mountain destination that is located in close proximity to world-class hotels, postcard perfect lodges, dining options and both summer and winter activities.




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