Banff National Park: Mistaya Canyon

(My solo road trip of western Canada – Wednesday 23rd September)

I am amazed at how powerful water is and can be and how we are often reminded and sometimes forget that water can not be underestimated…in any way.  I visited this place as a person mentioned while I was in Banff that this was a spectacular canyon that I should try to visit.  In my opinion, it is an example of natures artistry at work that no human can re create, and this piece of art is constantly changing and will continue to change.  It was so peaceful listening to the roaring water as I looked at the serene curves in the limestone rocks where each layer tells its own story.  I could have easily spent much longer here as I would have loved to spend more time at different parts of the canyon as each aspect of the canyon had its own individual beauty, at times as if they were separate canyons in different locations.  I am left amazed again.

Mistaya Canyon is a canyon in the western part of the Alberta province of Canada. It is formed by the Mistaya River. Tourists who are visiting Banff National Park often visit it because of its distinctive curvy canyon walls and because it is easy to access, being just off the Icefields Parkway.

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