Jasper National Park: Lake Edith and Lake Annette

(My solo road trip of western Canada – Friday 25th September)

I got up this morning and the last thing on my mind was the weather, it has been so beautiful so far that I did not think of checking the weather.  Anyway, I got up this morning and it was pouring down, it was miserable and cold…I was not happy!

I decided not to waste any time and start exploring, I ended up visiting a few lakes, a canyon and finished off with time around Downtonwn Jasper, it was also a very good day for seeing Elks…during rutting season!

I heard about Maligne Lake and Maligne Canyon but passed by a couple of other lakes on the way.  The beauty of these places I am visiting is they highlight different beauty no matter what the weather, these lakes were very nice, but some of the other stuff coming up truly took my breath away because the weather was so different from what I has experienced so far, the fact that the clouds were so low created quite a spooky atmosphere…






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