Jasper National Park: Spectacular Maligne Canyon

(My solo road trip of western Canada – Friday 25th September)

Oh my word, what a stunning place this was, the trip continues to amaze my senses in so many ways and this was no exception, the way it is likely to have been created over time by the melt water is incredible, I mean this dates back to the Ice Age!!  If you have time to read the information posters I took photos of below, you will surely appreciate how fantastic this place is.

It is always exciting to visit a place that is a Heritage site, something that has been deemed so amazing and special that it is protected.  There were six bridges to explore which took you beauty to beauty.  I wasn’t actually planning to spend very long here, the day was already getting tiring, but I ended up doing the longer walk as I was awe inspired by every aspect of this place, as soon as I visited one area, I longed to moved to the next to see what lay in store for me, and every time, I had no words to explain what I was seeing, remember, this is natures art work where you could say the tree trunks are the paint brushes and the water is the paint!

One of my favourite aspects of this canyon were the log jams which you can see in a couple of the photos below, it is so cool that they are submerged under water when the water level rises so cannot be seen, and when the water level drops, the log jams are revealed once again!

After this spectacular place, I drove back towards Jasper downtown where I was staying the night.  I saw more Elks on a a small hill, there were quite a few of them and lots of people stopped on the roadside to take photos, some people with humongous camouflaged lenses!  There was a ranger in his jeep carefully watching the Elks and the public, who after a short while came out with a gun, he basically went up the hill and started shooting in the direction of the Elks which sure enough scared them away.  This really upset so many people who had stopped to see the Elks and take photos and videos of them, apparently he did this to scare them away from the road side and keep the public safe.












IMG_2483IMG_2485IMG_2486  IMG_2487IMG_2488IMG_2489 IMG_2490IMG_2491


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