British Colombia – Mount Robson

(My solo road trip of western Canada – Saturday 26th September)

It was time to leave Jasper and head towards my next destination, Kamloops (over 4 hours away), I would be entering British Colombia, which I will tell you know, I have fallen in love with, breath taking landscape and nature.  Along my way I was to pass by the most prominent mountain in the Rocky Mountain range in North America, Mount Robson, it also happens to be the highest point in the Canadian Rockies at 3,954m (12,972ft) wow!  Along this route, it is apparently the most photographed feature and it is the second highest peak in the whole of British Colombia.

I was happy to have been able to visit and see this place as it closes in mid October.  The mountain is ridiculously huge, so huge in fact that you have to be quite fortunate to see it in all it’s glory and majesty…I was not fortunate as the weather was a little overcast and the clouds were veiling its beauty.  However, I saw some sun sneaking through the clouds and decided to be patient and wait.  I waited an hour and the wind picked up and some clouds gave way to offer a glimpse of this truly gorgeous mountain, you can see through the photos how it became slightly visible just after an hour.  There are two photos I took from within the information centre as it shows it in all it’s splendour.  The last photo is just a real cool trailer, maybe one day?

I found out at the information centre that along my way to Kamloops was a bear safari in a place called Blue River and the chance of seeing bears today was over 85%!  This was not part of the plan but I decided to buy the tickets and take this opportunity to see bears…it was bit of a risk as I did not want to drive on any mountain ranges towards Kamloops after sunset, not sure if I was going to be let down, I suppose we will wait and see…






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