The weather is changing…

Just a short note to say that the weather is changing in Toronto, it’s getting much colder now!  Prevention is better than cure they say, so some things just have to be covered, especially the outdoor swimming pool, and other things have to be put away.  We have had a tiny bit of snow, not very much really, but I think we are just being teased, the cold is coming, oh yes it is!  

Also below are some photos from my parents in laws apartment, they live in a penthouse apartment on the 30th floor, the views are fanatastic, and on top of that, there is a gym and swimming pool we have access to.  The trees are all changing and there are fantastic colours on display at the moment, I suppose it’s  natures way of telling us the cold is coming!  In a couple of the photos you can see downtown Toronto and just about make out the famous CN tower (in the night shot  it is difficult to make it out) and Ontario river in the background in the daytime photos, beautiful scenery to adorn the windows in your apartment!






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