Vancouver: Granville Island, Railspur District (part 6)

(My solo road trip of western Canada – Wednesday 30th September)

After my visit to the Public Market on Granville Island, I saw a very interesting building with a sign saying “this way to handmade local goods by Artists & Artisans” based in Railspur District on Granville Island, although this was not part of my plan, I was attracted to see what was there.  It is such a cool, creative, happening place to be.

Some of the items on display were incredible, clearly some very talented people here and full credit to them for being part of such a wonderful and inspiring district.  The fact that you can observe people working in the workshops and creating what you see on display for sale is very heart warming as you see how much effort and skill goes into some of these products.  Have you seen rice plants by the way?  The photo of me inside a ladies boutique may cause some concern, but I promise I was there to buy some gifts!  This was a boutique that sold ladies scarfs that were created in a studio just outside, they are unique as you can only buy them from this one store, you cannot even buy them online.

By far, my favourite place in Railspur District was ‘The Hang Out Place’ that specialised in hammocks, the guy working (maybe not the correct word to be honest) looks very comfortable, wouldn’t you agree?



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