Icy Downtown Toronto


Arriving in Downtown Toronto just before sunset.  I was going to attend a Canadian Premier performance at the Harbourfront Centre Theatre (next post).  I was given a bit of an icy treat…

Below, a great view of the CN tower between two high rise buildings, I think they are both apartment buildings, what a great place to live, in the heart of one of the most diverse cities in the world.


The weather was cold, very cold, and the temperature was slowly dipping further as the sun began its travels, disappearing beyond the horizon.  There was  a weather warning that the temperature in the evening was due to hit as low as -20.  Quite sure that the boats would not be running this evening.


Closed for winter!


Excited to be here, first time seeing a performance at the Harbourfront Centre Theatre, very much looking forward to it.


Lovely sight to see the sun setting, the people in the apartments must be quite toasty in their accommodations as the sun blazes thought their windows, although for me, do not be deceived, I was very cold…Brrrrrr!  That small sheet of ice made me explore further to see what might lie ahead and where it may have come from.


Below, you can just about make out a duck taking possible refuge on a sheet of ice from the freezing waters, while the other one approaches.  The water was definitely icy, certainly don’t blame the poor thing.



In the distance, you can make out part of the lake frozen over, although the depth is not significant, a great sight to see.



I tried to take refuge in some of the warmth being provided by the sun, but to be honest, by this time, I could not feel my fingers (and yes, I did have gloves on).


There is something quite special about seeing broken pieces of ice on a lake, the effect at some angles is simply quite stunning and intriguing.


Footprint evidence of some people not heeding the advice given on this sign…cheeky!



I know I don’t look particularly happy in the photo below, but the temperature was dipping quite quickly and I just wanted to make the most of being here at this time, after all, it has been one of the mildest winters in Toronto for decades.


The cold has made the snowwoman’s  nose fall off (well looks more like a female than a male to me) and below, my own nose is so cold, it feels it is about to drop off too!


Ice skating at the Natrel Rink, such a cool place and such a fantastic location, and best of all, it is free and in an iconic and scenic area of Downtown Toronto.




Above, The Power Plant Contemporary Art Gallery.  It is Canada’s leading public art gallery, and admission to the gallery is free all year round, fantastic.  It is devoted exclusively to contemporary visual art.



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