Icy surroundings

The freezing rain did come, although not as bad as what was forecast, and the ice pellets did come down.  

Just in case you get some icy weather, a few tips below for you to adhere to, some useful tips, I particularly like the advice about being aware of ice sheets, now that would be bad, real bad!

As the forecast was for the weather to slightly get warmer, I took a few photos from around the house to see what had happened overnight, despite the dangers of what could potentially happen, it is absolutely stunning to see the effect.

Front garden below, well, the stoned area at least…


Just a few days ago, it was a typical Spring day, nice temperature, sun was out and the grass below did look a lot happier!


Thankfully, this could be the end of this short burst of icy weather here in Toronto, you can see how when it gets worse, how electrical lines can become overburden with the weight of ice and just break.

Throughout the day, the neighbours roof was thawing and sheets of ice did fall.

There is a bit of redecorating going on in and around my brother-in-laws house, but this ladder is definitely a no no!

Icy swimming pool

We took out the BBQ a few days ago from storage and had some really tasty food, not happening for the foreseeable future as you will see…


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