The adventure begins…

Well…we have arrived in Canada and it is hot, hot, hot, just the way we like it, flight went well and we are with the crazy Chakroun’s (my eldest brother in law and his family who are just absolutely fantastic, caring and loving, may God protect them all).

We departed from Manchester at midday on the 30th July and arrived in Toronto at around 3pm local time, I went to bed around midnight and not sure how I did it but got up at 7am and took the train to the famous downtown Toronto and spent the day in this totally buzzing city!

I had a lovely coffee to go from Dineen Coffee Company on Yonge Street (definitely recommend) and slowly sipped it in Dundas Square as I admired the beauty and diversity of humanity pass me by, I was in a sort of a trance as I took great pleasure in the huge array of difference within all of us but that which unites us all as human beings are the simple, unifying things like happiness, respect and health, unfortunately this was not present in all that I saw.

My peace was disturbed as three undercover police restrained and handcuffed a young white teenage girl who was sat on a bench beside me, I was a little shocked as it seemed quite heavy handed as she did not seem to pose a threat at all to the officers, obviously I do not know the details of her arrest, but one of them felt the need to show her balck male friend that he was carrying a gun, I wonder whether he would have been given a chance if this was in America?  Although this was happening in the view of all passing public and those who noticed were all observing, one officer felt the need to tell me to stop looking in her direction and give her some privacy which I found a little bizarre considering where this was taking place!  I obliged and soon after she was searched by police in uniform and was taken away.

After this eye opener, I did some window shopping in the Eaton Centre and bought a couple of gifts for my beloved wife whose birthday it is tomorrow, I hope she likes what I got her?

My day in downtown came to an end mid afternoon as I grappled with the subway system to get back to my brother in laws house…didn’t get lost and was proud of my navigation back home…

2 thoughts on “The adventure begins…

  1. shahssoliloquy

    Loving the name of the blog! I am ever so glad that you have arrived safely in Canada and that you are amongst great company. I am sorry to hear about the disturbing police incident but the interesting anecdote gives a realistic insight into how the authorities unfortunately handle certain situations. Also, happy belated birthday to my dear mamey! I know for sure she adored the gifts through your wonderful endearment. Last but not least, well done for mastering the subway system.

    – Nidah xx

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