Rain rain go away, come back another day…

We joined our friends who were camping in a place called ‘Six Mile Lake Provincial Park’, about an hour and a half drive north of Toronto.  It’s always exciting to be in bear territory with lots of varied wildlife and later found out that the area has rattlesnakes too!  Unlike the name suggests, the lake is not six miles long.  The name dates back to the logging industry as it as used to indicate the distance left until they reached Port Severn.  We joined them for the day to have a BBQ, together we were three families, it was a lovely campsite surrounded by beautiful scenery and an easily accessible lake and walking trails.

The weather was incredible however the forecast was a thunderstorm later in the day…it lived up to its prediction as it rained so much and did not stop for hours, to be honest it simply enriched the experience, we swam in the lake, ate very scrumptious burgers, an upside down pineapple cake that was made on the BBQ, drank amazing coffee with very yummy chocolate chip cookies, danced in the thunderous downpour and sat round a camp fire as we all tested our skills of who could BBQ there marshmallows the best!

The journey back home was truly incredible as we witnessed a torrential downpour and an amazing, truly fantastic lighting display for two hours, although we were driving on some stretches of the highway where there was nothing, the surrounding area was lit up with magnificence every five minutes or so, we were left in awe of natures reminder of how powerful and incomparable it is…praising God and his majesty was very natural.

Another great experience for us all with the people we love and respect, a very long day and sleep was the priority when we got home….guess what, Sara decided to get up at 6am, beautiful!


3 thoughts on “Rain rain go away, come back another day…

  1. Ruth Spiers

    Your adventure sounds amazing and the beauty you see in life is truly inspiring. Keep the updates coming, I can’t wait to hear the next one. And there’s no way you’re 40!
    Stay safe 🙂

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  2. shahssoliloquy

    A cosy account of how you spent your day despite the thunderstorm, you were able to be active in positivity. And what better way to spend it then in natures own realms. The description of the food you ate sounds scrumptious. However, the upside down cake (even if it was amazingly made upon a BBQ) could not have matched your yummy pineapple cake that you once made, right? 😛

    – Nidah xx

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