When the playdough goes dry…

Ok, so the excitement of playdough does wear off after a while and keeping the children entertained inside can become quite a challenge when there are a few of them, especially when they start squabbling over who should have the shapes or the amount of playdough they can have, it almost becomes territorial!

Luckily, very luckily, Nour’s brother has a swimming pool in the back yard, this brings some relief as the children forget, very quickly, about the playdough and discover that they all used to be fish in a past life.  The fact that the weather has been absolutely awesome pretty much every day, usually around 30, does help a lot!


One thought on “When the playdough goes dry…

  1. nzainabshah

    “All used to be fish in a past life” that made me laugh a lot! 30 degrees of beautiful heat and a swimming pool – sounds like a splashing bliss! Photos really do capture the moment, love the still shot of Fatimah prior to jumping in the pool

    – Nidah xx

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