Just chillin…

Another beautiful day, weather is really amazing and such a gift for the soul, everything is so much better when the weather is warm and sunny, something I should not take for granted as the UK is not as blessed with this sort of weather and when we do experience anything like this, it is very short lived.

Wasn’t sure what to do today, didn’t want to do anything too stressful so decided to just chill in the pool with my lovely Sara who makes the most adorable noises and facial expressions when she in the water, reminiscent of Fatimah and Maryam when they were this age.  When she gets nervous it is painful…very painful as she grabs me so tight as if she is drowning off the titanic, she grips my hair (my eyebrows, my arm hair, leg hair as if she is abseiling off a rocky mountain and her life totally depends on it, she closes her eyes as if she is an intimate conversation with the Lord asking to be saved from a mini tribulation!

Luckily in these pictures the above mentioned events were not taking place and she is calm and collected because she knows that I am there for her and always will be.  I am blessed with an enchanting kiss from her that I did not ask for, she just felt like presenting me with at that moment for whatever reason and that reminds me of how lucky Nour and I are to have such a wonderful little girl who brings so much happiness to so many people.  Love you eternally Sara.


4 thoughts on “Just chillin…

    1. Hi Christy,

      How are you? Not sure if I should ask about how school is?

      We are all well and keeping quite busy between home schooling in the morning, going to the park, swimming, walking, going to the mall, and visiting family and being visited by family…

      It’s coming up to three months, can’t believe it! Weather has started changing and is getting a lot colder now…everyone is just anticipating the snow, we have had a light covering about two weeks ago but it’s just a matter of time before weather gets colder and the snow really does come…

      As you may have seen, I went on a solo road trip of western Canada and saw some totally amazing things, lots more to come as I am no where near finished with the blogs I need to post just from that trip alone!

      Anyway, I hope you are all well, miss you very much, speak soon, take care and regards to Matt.



  1. nzainabshah

    Such an adorable blog entry! Mutual thinking as above comment, please do send over the sunshine. We have rain forecasted for the whole week, although today is rather warm and no rain as of yet.

    – Nidah xx


  2. Najma

    Absolutely true as daughters are a wonderful gift to be treasured and adored!
    Grasp every invaluable moment and capture it within your heart forever as time just erases it within a blink of an eye!,

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