Garden renovation…part 4

The paths in the garden were used to create different angles leading  to the different areas of the garden. The table and chairs weren’t really used in the garden and now have their place, their finish really complements the rest of the garden now.

The stone benches have been made to create simple and economical sitting areas that both the children and adults love, the single bench is directly under a beautiful acer tree that was a bit lost before but was then trimmed and the bushes around it were removed.  A planted area has been added in front of the side fence which looks more inviting.

The path that leads to the two metal containers in the middle of the garden becomes a bit of a central feature and is important as these belonged to Rosie’s mother (Rosie is my sister in law).  I was never fortunate enough to meet Rosie’s mother but from the people who knew her, she was a beautulful human being who was caring, loving, welcoming, generous, and made absolutely amazing food, I guess this is why Rosie’s cooking is always so delicious and homely!

This ones for you my beautiful sister Rosie, you will always be loved and I will always be indebted for everything you do for me so lovingly and selflesly.  More to come as we have not finished with this garden yet as the grass will not be staying and a fence still to be made…


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