Banff National Park: Weeping Wall and Bridal Veil Falls

(My solo road trip of western Canada – Wednesday 23rd September)

Sorry again, a day too late..

I suppose when you read on a map that along your drive you will pass by waterfalls that are called “Weeping” and “Bridal Veil Falls” you really  have to keep an eye out and visit them.  The beauty of these two falls is that  they were along the way and very easily accessible.

The Weeping Wall Falls were totally gorgeous, to see this wall literally weeping was fanatastic, it was quite moving actually, as you focussed on the wall and the different areas it was “weeping” from, it was as if the wall was emotionally narrating a moving story.

I continued the wonderful drive through the mountain range, it was such a buzz, some of the switchbacks were crazy and the view I was capturing through my eyes from the rear view mirror was as beautiful as what was unfolding before me, the unfortunate thing was that I could not stop as much as I wanted to in order to capture the view I was leaving behind me.  I know this is the young boy car fanatic in me, but I wish I had a convertible sports car in many parts of this trip…including this very drive.

The Bridal Veil Falls were stunning, they were not as close as the Weeping Wall Falls, I used the longer range lens to capture as close as I could, you can make out the lovely, crisp and clean fall of the water overthe  rock edge, it is evident to see why they are named Bridal Veil Falls.


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