Jasper National Park: Tangle Creek and Stutfield Glacier 

(My solo road trip of western Canada – Thursday 24th September)

I read about the Tangle Falls (Tangle Creek) and the description of it stated that it was a series of mini waterfalls that interlinked together, it was if they were braiding a hair style out of water, it was so relaxing to be at these  waterfalls as they were different levels of sounds of water depending on where you stood, very nice.

Stutfield Glacier was very different from the Athabasca Glacier but still beautiful in its own sense, it was another landscape that was different from others I had seen so far.  The last photo was special at the moment I saw it,  I captured this first in my rear view mirror, I stopped on the side to take this, it was a scene of its own, not sure the photo does justice to what I actually saw, beautiful nonetheless. The sun, different colours of the trees, the grey and white clouds, the empty road and the snow capped mountain made it a captivating image and memory.





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