Kensington Market, Downtown Toronto

I can’t believe the weather, it’s the 5th of November and it is over 20 degrees, crazy but very, very welcome.  We decided to make the most of the bliss day we had and visit the renowned Kensington Market in the heart of Toronto.  I’m beginning to think that all this talk about it snowing in Toronto is all made up just to scare me so that I go back to the UK!

Kensington Market was very cool in my opinion, a very multicultural neighbourhood, some unique shops, so much creativity,  and we met some lovely people, a Rastafarian shop owner was my absolute favourite!  From what I know, it is also one of the most photographed markets or even places in Toronto.  We will definitely be visiting again, I really, really like this place.

Favourite parts of the day:  travelling on the tram and seeing the girls excitement, learning some of the unique names of stores, the eco friendly car, delectable ice cream, our three girls sat on three hip chairs outside Blue Banana Market, the ‘Espresso yourself’ sign in Dolce and a selfie with Nour in front of the CN Tower…a good day and the girls really loved it.  Next time, anyone for chicken and waffles at Dirty Bird?










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