Edward Gardens, Toronto

A refreshing walk, a beautiful day, the girls absolutely loved this place as they were able to explore comfortably at their own leisure, the fallen and the falling leaves were a true joy, the smell in the air of the changing of the weather, the crisp and fresh air was totally rejuvenating…

Nature definitely speaks to us, we just need to be attentive and receptive to its message!


IMG_4452 IMG_4460 IMG_4462 IMG_4463 IMG_4467 IMG_4473 IMG_4487 IMG_4491 IMG_4500 IMG_4504 IMG_4509 IMG_4544 IMG_4567 IMG_4587 IMG_4593 IMG_4594 IMG_4596 IMG_4607 IMG_4611 IMG_4614 IMG_4615 IMG_4627 IMG_4638 IMG_4639 IMG_4651 IMG_4660 IMG_4669 IMG_4685 IMG_4696 IMG_4703 IMG_4717 IMG_4720 IMG_4734 IMG_4740 IMG_4749

One thought on “Edward Gardens, Toronto

  1. Louise

    Such lovely pictures. I can virtually feel your happiness. I expect you are looking forward to a white Christmas? I would be!!!! Love to all. Louise XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX


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