Downtown Toronto: Eaton Centre and Old City Hall 

I have seen some really nice displays in shopping malls, however, these are the largest reindeer’s I have ever seen in a shopping mall.  

Eaton Centre is already big and bright enough, but these Christmas editions have given Eaton Centre an additional spark, it is almost as if they belong here, their size, the lighting and their placement is very nice, my girls  were amazed.



The Old City Hall building in Downtown Toronto is very big, the architecture is fantastic, the craftsmanship is exquisite, and its history is very interesting.  I loved the huge arches supported by burly pillars and I really like the aged, worn doors, so much character.

The Old City Hall took about 20 years to plan and put into action.  From 1899 to 1966 it was home to the city council.  When it was completed in 1899, it was one of the largest building in Canada and the largest civic building in North America.  In 1984, the building was designated as a National Historic Site of Canada.

Although not connected and no one was actually playing, my favourite place was the chess area, the tables and seating next to the Old City Hall was something you would see in a Hollywood movie or drama.




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