Downtown Toronto: Ice Skating, girls are so thrilled!

Ice skating is incredibly popular in Canada during the months of November and March.  One of the skills we really want our girls to attain is ice skating, being in Canada is a great opportunity for this to happen.  

We had heard that in front of the Toronto City Hall, Downtown Toronto, there was an ice rink in ‘Nathan Phillips Square’, this is one of the best know events landmarks where all sorts of things take place from music to dance performances, outdoor exhibitions to farmer’s markets.  We decided to venture out with the girls to see what ice skating could be like here.  There are ice skating opportunities in many locations in Toronto at this time of the year.  If you have the skates, you simply turn up and skate, it is free in a lot of them and there are both outdoor and indoor ice skating rinks.

Nathan Phillips Square

It was a great atmosphere, and as the time passed by, it got busier and more lively.  There were people of all different skating abilities on the ice rink, some just beginning and some very able who made ice skating look very natural and exquisite to look at.

Beginning to get the hang of it without any support, a few more lessons and I am sure she will be much more confident and effortlessly skate…well, hopefully anyway.

As the sun began to set, the atmosphere became much nicer, it was nice to have the sun for a while when we got there in the afternoon, but as it got ever so slowly darker, the lights began to be more emphasised and created a very festive feel.  I can’t wait until January when I start my ice skating classes…

Where to Ice Skate in Toronto

The photo below shows the Toronto City Hall which has become one of the best known landmarks in Toronto.

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