Better late than never…

This year has really been something regarding the weather, it seems that so many of us are experiencing the same unusual weather for this time of the year, some people are not complaining, the milder weather is more than welcome for some.  Whatever the case maybe, houses that are lit up with Christmas lights and decorations look so much more amazing with a sprinkling of snow above and around them, the photos and videos in this blog are from the neighbourhood where we are staying.

Whenever I speak to family or friends around the world, we are all wondering about the mildness or the unusual pattern of weather that is occurring.  For example, this time last year, Toronto had so much snowfall that my family here were already fed up of it, fed up of the cold, fed up of the continuing shovelling of the driveway, fed up of the amount of snow falling that can restrict many things you do when getting around.

Many people in Toronto may not want too much snow, it is nice in the beginning but once the honeymoon period is over, it can be quite tough. I assume, however, that some people may have wanted a white Christmas, just adds to the festivity and magic of this special time of year, wouldn’t you agree?

I just happened to be walking back home when I was greeted by a very serious looking snow plough, the driver looked very happy and waved as he drove by, it was as if he was relieved that snow had finally fallen, his work now begins, looks like an interesting drive, clearing masses of snow must be quite therapeutic.

Unfortunately, we did not have a white Christmas in Toronto, but the snow did fall on the 28th December, and it was really lovely, so pure, so fresh, and in the words of my daughters, ‘so fluffy, a bit like cotton candy’ or candy floss as we call it in the UK.  There is something very special about walking on freshly fallen snow, the footprints you create before anyone else does is very cool under the crackling crunch you create as you walk.  I wait in anticipation for the real snow that my family keep telling me about, a storm is brewing…

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