Technicolor Niagara Falls

Every time I have been to Niagara Falls, I fall in love with the sheer power, beauty and awesome respect that these falls demand.  In the daytime it really is splendid to behold how wonderful this place is and I end up standing there, observing, reflecting and daydreaming about the awe and magnificence of one my favourite places in the world.

In addition to the photos, there are some videos for you to enjoy too if you have time and I hope that if you have not yet been to see these falls, you one day will get the opportunity to.  The first set of photos are the display set around a small lake before you get to the falls, a real treat.

On this occasion, we were visiting my sister-in-law in Niagara Falls for the day and after we had a scrumptious dinner in the evening, we prepared to head back to Toronto.  What is special about this time of the year at Niagara Falls are the lights and the dazzling display they put on for all to admire and take pleasure in, it really is very nice.  It was a very chilly night, but this did not affect the enjoyment we had and the thrill my girls experienced, they did say ‘wow’ quite a lot!

The beautiful and spectacular Niagara Falls, for me, this is such a special place.  The next time I capture them will hopefully be when they freeze over when the winter really does appear (it has been unusually very mild, this time last year, it had already been snowing since November), that is something really very special to witness.  The last time saw them frozen over was breathtaking, they freeze over from the top but because of the tremendous power of the water, you can still hear it travelling to its ultimate destination below…I will wait in anticipation to capture and share this with you all.

Its getting a little chilly now for the girls, the little one has already given up and gone to sleep, her day was already way too long!  The other two will shortly follow…

The next two photos show us driving towards the famous Clifton Hill, there is also a short video too.  As I have mentioned in a previous post about Niagara Falls, there is so much to do, and Clifton Hill is a good place to come, especially if you have young children.



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