I’ve been Sushi’d!

Yes, you read correctly…I have officially been Sushi’d!

I would like to believe that I am generally quite an open minded person, in many aspects of life.  I am open and accepting to listen, travel, engage, debate, try, experience, etc.

When it comes to food, I believe I have progressed a lot.  When I was younger, my experience of food was quite limited, mainly Indian/Pakistani cuisine (but I have to say that nothing beats a good, hot and very spicy curry, especially my beloved mothers), and obviously, living in the UK, good old fish’n’chips, especially on a wintry day at the beach!

Below, fancy menu, chopsticks in a chopstick envelope, and cool looking soya sauce jug.

Later on in life,  travelling and meeting amazing people from all parts of our beautiful world, I was exposed to different tastes, cuisines, recipes, ways of eating, etiquette’s, etc. I still have a long way to go and much more that I would like to experience, but I will keep plodding along as they say and look forward to experience much more beautiful world foods from enriching global cultures.

Since our sabbatical year in Canada began back in July 2015, my sister-in-law and my wife’s nieces have been getting my to try Sushi…I have politely declined the invitation on several occasions.  I like my food to be well done, whatever it is, its just the way I am, its the way I like my food, maybe a little boring for some but that’s what I like.  For example, when I used to eat meat (which I have really gone off in recent years) you would never catch me eating meat that was rare or even medium, it had to be cooked well, very well.  To be honest, I even like my toast well done!

Below, some serious ordering going on.  As it was my first time, I had no idea what to order, so I left it to the ‘experts’ and I would try and eat whatever would come my way.  The waitress is wearing a traditional kimono, very fetching!

Before this day, I had never tried sushi, I heard lot about it, saw lots of beautiful presentations on the plate, invited to try many times by a few people in particular, namely my sister-in-law and her two teenage daughters who were sushi’d a long time ago, and now cannot do without, especially the young lady with glasses, sushi makes her very, very happy, particularly after a day at school.

Below, visually quite inviting, tasty Miso soup…

Anyway, Sushi, is a totally different challenge for me, raw fish, wasabi paste, fish eggs, to be frank, a step too far for me.  Nonetheless, I have now succumbed to the continuous invitations to eat sushi, my first experience of this has been ticked off on my list, and to be quiet honest, it went quite well, although still not at the top of my list of what I would like to eat.

Sizzling Udon noodles and dumplings and a tasty, crispy salad with some tangy dressing.

The plate below did not last very long, not because of me I should stress, the ladies at the table did not waste any time.  From left to right: Wasabi paste, crunch rolls, super duper fresh and finely cut raw salmon, green dragon roll with crispy fried shrimp , ridiculously and crazily strong ginger, whoa…

Apologies for the photo below, however, I needed to post proof that I did eat sushi and only then could claim in my words that I have been sushi’d!  You may also notice that I was eating with my fingers (they were clean by the way), my attempts to use the chopsticks that my eating company were effortlessly using, for me was very difficult, I gave up.

The last main dish below, again another avocado and salmon green dragon roll topped with fish eggs, a couple of blinks and it was gone.

In the photo below, my wife’s niece showing that she is such a skilled imitator…

When eating out, I would usually indulge in something chocolaty at the end of the meal, this was a little different, orange segments were actually quite refreshing to end dinner, not something that was ordered, they were kindly given to us at the end of the meal…to confess, I did go home and have chocolate though!


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