Historic Main Street: Unionville (part 1)

Talk about being taken back in time, this place is really something, I was in my own version of ‘Back To The Future’.  The Historic Main Street, Unionville in Toronto is historically rich, visually stunning, and architecturally beautiful.

The weather was not brilliant on the day we visited, a little chilly, overcast and just a little dull to be honest, however, the charm of this place raised the spirits and it was just so nice to be there, I was a little surprised that my two older girls acknowledged certain features of the street and some of the buildings.



The statue outside ‘La Grotta’ attracted my girls who at first thought he was real, upon closer inspection, they realised that it was not, it did not stop the little one touching the belly and informing us that the man had a baby in his stomach and it was hungry!

The age range for this outing on Unionville ranged from my youngest daughter who is 2 to my father-in-law who is 72…really was very special, I look forward to them having more outings like this with their grandparents.

In the words of one of my daughters, ‘this building is very pretty, like a dolls house, can we get one?’, I would certainly agree that it is very pretty, such a nice shape and colour with lots of character in it’s design, I had to explain to one of my girls that buying a building like this and taking it home was not a realistic option, she was incredibly understanding but clearly disappointed!


Although the weather was quite cold, my girls still seemed to believe that no weather can come in the way of an ice cream request, despite a lovely smile and a request full of enthusiasm and bursting with energy, unfortunately for them, the shop was still closed…what a shame!

When approaching the building below, I automatically assumed that it was going to be a church.  When we got close, I realised that it was a store that sold TV’s, DVD’s, etc, I was not expecting that in such a lovely building in the heart of a historic village, I unfortunately did not get time to find out the history of this building.

OK, so after a really nice leisurely but chilly stroll, we were in need of a hot drink,  I personally wanted to get there quickly.  However, my attempts to walk past the building in the photo below, without my wife and girls noticing it, was a complete failure.

We did end up going in, and the smell and the sights were delightful, especially for people like us who have very sweet teeth.  Apologies in advance if you are reading this and have made a New Year’s resolution to give up chocolates and/or sweets…but the honeycomb brittle was very yummy and sticky…


To end this post, my eldest daughter requested me to add this to the blog, she was feeling very festive, a little treat from her, bless her…

5 thoughts on “Historic Main Street: Unionville (part 1)

    1. Well, there is not much to say on that front…three blogs ago (‘better late than never’) is what we have had so far, nothing since and nothing forecast, it is one of the mildest winters in decades…many people not complaining, it will come though, it will, take care and lovely to hear from you


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