Toruk – The First Flight (Cirque-du-Soleil) part 1, the arrival

We arrived at Union Station, the busiest transportation facility in Canada.  Over 250,000 passengers traverse through here every day which is really quite something.   It opened in 1927 and was designated a National Historic Site in Canada in 1975.  It was also designated a Heritage Railway Station in 1989.

My daughter doing a funky pose in front of the impressive CN tower in Downtown Toronto.

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The Air Canada Centre.  A historical building which is now home to three major teams in Canada.  The National Hockey League (NHL) team: ‘Toronto Maple Leafs’, the National Basketball Association (NBA) team: ‘Toronto Raptors’ and the National Lacrosse League (NLL) team: ‘Toronto Rock’.

Above, one of the entrances to the Air Canada Centre, originally this was a postal delivery building.  As you enter, there are numerous facts and information about the building and also, a polite reminder you are in Canada with the flags above…

Very interesting background infomration to this historic and charmful building.

My family and friends back in the UK may like the photo below, good old Royal Mail.

Just in case you get confused with the photo below, the ’employees entrance’ sign seems to be an original sign from the days when this was a postal delivery building.  The ‘exit’ sign I just presume is more recent for people today to exit from here…hang on, I think I am now confused!

I am sure we all experience the situation when your phone is about to die when you need it most…right?  Well, on this night, we did, and the phone was about to die when we really needed it…oh, hang on, is that a Bell charging station over there…yippee, thanks Bell!

I am not sure my girls are trying to create their own Avatar here, but they liked having this photo taken, I think they could feel the spirit of the show dawning upon them, an experience I hope they will remember, especially if they get any of that magical dust.

The CN tower is nice in the day, but after sunset it really is very nice.  The short video shows how the lights are displayed and how they change, you can even make out the lift going up and down transporting people to and from the revolving ‘360 Restaurant’ above.  It continues to show a variety of light displays as the night goes on, the kids loved absolutely it.



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