Historic Main Street: Unionville (part 2)

Being in a place that brings you nothing but pleasure, seeing things that really interest you, and truly admiring your surroundings is what Unionville was like for me.

On this Historic Street are some of the most character filled buildings I have seen, so much beauty and individuality that some building just took my breath away.



The houses were so nice, the nosy and curious side of me also wanted to take a peep inside to see the classy character and historic charm of these lovely buildings from within…I didn’t.

The squirrel below was far too busy to acknowledge us, engaged in winter preparation which was far more important than looking at me and smiling for the camera, fully understood!

The two photos below show a house that was the girls favourite house on Unionville, maybe it was not the beautiful design of the building but the fabulous festive display outside that they actually liked?

Below, is a photo of my favourite building in this area, I thought it was oozing class, character and charm, and the fact that there was a VW Campervan in the drive just gave it extra browny points…

5 thoughts on “Historic Main Street: Unionville (part 2)

  1. Louise

    Stunning architecture. It’s like every house is so very unique it almost has it’s own special story.
    What an adventure you are having Mubeen !
    Love to you all

    Liked by 1 person

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