Where did you see a McLaren P1?

I was not expecting to see this car on any day, but I certainly did not expect to see it here…

I was really fanatical about cars when I was younger, particularly sports cars, I was always amazed by them and always hoped that one day I would own one, I still don’t, however, I’d like to believe I still have plenty of time!

As I walked along Bloor Street West in Downtown Toronto, taking a leisurely stroll before I start fund raising and raising awareness about the charity Second Harvest who I was volunteering for (coming up in two posts) I passed by a very nice looking men’s clothing shop.

Normally, in the window of a shop, you would see posters or mannequins displaying some of the latest fashion trends a store has to offer, but this was a little different.

Instead of any type of latest clothing or accessories being displayed in the shop front, the window was adorned by a car, sorry, I mean a ‘super car’, and one of the first things you see around the car are signs that say…

This was a little treat for me, but it unfortunately brought out the materialistic and young boy fanaticism about cars out in me, I was like a little boy in a toy shop, or to be more precise, like a little boy in an ice-cream shop!

This was the McLaren P1, one of only 375 worldwide, so I won’t touch then?

The McLaren P1 is capable of accelerating to 60mph from standstill in under 3 seconds, that’s pretty fast, and it is capable of reaching a top speed of 217.5 mph, that is ridiculously fast.

Its gasoline engine and electric motor combo is good for 903 horsepower and 663 pound-feet of torque.

This particular McLaren P1 is owned by Canadian artist and producer, Joel Zimmerman (deadmau5).

This car is seriously low and must have fantastic suspension and look at the size of those brakes!

I got talking to one of the security guys and I asked him why do they have this car on display.  He told me that they always try to have something eye catching in the window to attract people into the store.  And those tyres (tires – keep the Canadians happy) are so wide.

He went on to tell me that they would normally have super cars from dealerships, but it was uncommon to have a car on display that was privately owned.  He said that the sister of deadmau5 works for Holt Renfrew Men and she, I suppose, politely asked her brother if they could borrow his drive, and he agreed.  This will be here for probably another two weeks or so.

deadmau5 recently participated in the 2015 Gumball 3000 rally and had the car wrapped in white with black ‘Spades’ logos throughout, making for a unique finish.

Currently the car has been wrapped by Sekanskin in matte black with orange accents to provide contrast.  Personally, I am not too fussy!





6 thoughts on “Where did you see a McLaren P1?

    1. It was very nice car, I am not surprised the boys enjoyed looking at the photos of this super car, maybe when they get rich and have a few too many pennies they could buy me one?


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