The serenity of snow

It basically snowed all day today in Toronto, the nice type of snow, the snow that is pure, soft and absolutely perfect for making things and of course, having snowball fights.  

The temperature was lovely, it was about -1, it was like a heatwave compared to Saturday’s -37!  Tomorrow evening is forecast to be less than -15 and even if it does not snow again, it’s going to be a little icy to say the least the day after.

Below is a photo of what is usually the outdoor swimming pool, you can just make out the pool shape.  Some of you may remember seeing the pool back in August where it was thriving with family activity, BBQ’s, and fantastic hot weather…a little different now…

The following are photos as the snow was falling and the sheer beauty of how your surroundings are transformed in a short amount of time into, well, a winter wonderland.

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