Ice Pads and Ice Phones…the best things in life are certainly free!

What do you think of when you hear the sentence: the best things in life are free?

I would love to hear what comes to your mind when the sentence is read or uttered, so if you have time, please share.

There is a walk through a delightful ravine from where we are staying in Toronto.  Simply cutting through here on the way to the library, mall, or visiting the family, takes you away from the hustle and bustle of the main road and into an area of serenity and gives you the opportunity to connect with nature…if you are receptive to it.

It was quite chilly and started to snow lightly as we entered the ravine.  It was kind of strange actually, as we all wanted to walk, we all wanted some fresh air and the girls were in a playful, adventurous and creative mood (more than normal), a walk should do it then?

Above, our youngest not holding back her excitement and joy of going for a leisurely stroll.

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The image below depicts a scene of calm, clear thought and nature holding both its arms wide open and inviting you to explore, enjoy and be energized, you can just make out the light flurry of snow…

The girls come across small patches of ice that have been there for a while.  The beautiful thing was, that when you go for a walk in nature you can make what you will of it, with children, the best thing to do is just let them be, it is as if they connect and understand nature far better than we older folks do…just let them be.

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At first, some skating, and then drawing symbols and words with their feet…and then onto, ‘ice cracking’, they had so much fun, there were a few falls, but that’s just part and parcel of it, then the creative side started kicking in and the word ‘peace’ made from twigs.

We have walked through this ravine so many times, but this was the first time that we noticed what looked like a couple of dens on top of a small hill, time to explore, lunch was missing though but we did stay here longer than expected.

Below, the word ‘love’ made using broken pieces of ice which I thought that was creative…

Below, when you look at this solar and wind powered street light, what do you see?  As we all experience and perceive life in so many different ways, it would be interesting to know what you see, share if you have time.


According to my eldest, she saw England when she broke off this piece of ice, I have to say that I saw something else, what do you make out?

Nature sharing symbols of love with passers by…


The girls decided to take some of their finds to their grandparents apartment.   In the image below, they are just so busy on their ‘ice phones’, with the older one multi tasking and working on her ‘ice pad’…I know, there is so much to do yet so little time!

8 thoughts on “Ice Pads and Ice Phones…the best things in life are certainly free!

    1. Whatever you want it to be, it’s what you see…I first saw a waiter like person carrying a tray in the right hand and doing a little wave greeting with the left hand…but as you are all too aware…I am a bit weird like that!


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