Family Day in Scarborough, Toronto

Family Day is observed in the Canadian provinces of Alberta, Ontario and Saskatchewan on the third Monday of February. 

In British Columbia, Family Day falls on the second Monday of February. This holiday celebrates the importance of families and family life to people and their communities.

Some special service vehicles were on display outside, the fire engine was a particular favourite.

I was told by a firefighter that the wooden slats in the image below were used commonly to stabilise vehicles involved in accidents that needed to be moved from the scene that would otherwise be difficult, for example, during cold and icy weather.

I tried and I tried, but I could not locate the clock…

The amount of technical aspects of the fire engine left me a bit baffled to be honest, a huge amount of credit and respect goes to the fire services (and the other emergency services) for what they do.


I for one, am reminded of how vital these services are and how we can just take them for granted, underestimating their critical roles within local communities.

A standard ambulance followed by a bus ambulance, I have never actually seen a bus type ambulance before, live and learn as they say.


Family Day is getting a little too much for this little one, taking a rest in a very comfy chair.


The Special Operations emergency vehicle was fascinating.  I was told that this was actually used the day before in an emergency at a senior home, something they said could be fatal without as they were able to respond more quickly an efficiently than a regular ambulance could ever do.


After realising the ambulance continued beyond her comfy chair, she decided to venture out to the back of the vehicle with her super power vision!

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