Penthouse view on a snowy day

Some photos I just had to share with you guys of the spectacular views from my parents-in-law’s penthouse apartment on a lovely, snowy day last week…

I wish I had been here earlier in the day when the roads were covered in snow too, there was a short, heavy snowfall that transformed the landscape very quickly.


The services that clean the roads and make them safe to drive are quite efficient in Toronto to allow everyday commuting to continue without too much disruption.  There are parts of the UK that would come to a standstill with this type of snowfall.  Although it may not look like a lot of snow, it was quite a significant amount that fell in a short time.

In the distance, the amazing skyline of Downtown Toronto, you can also make out Lake Ontario in the distance.

In the middle of the skyline, the famous CN Tower.

I love this photo, the view is obviously fantastic, but I love the majestic clouds and the power they impress upon the onlooker.

Below are some photos that I took during last summer from the same apartment.

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