This is no April Fool’s…

We have been having some really nice weather in Toronto, Spring is definitely in the air, milder temperatures, birds singing (although they are probably as confused as we are regarding the weather) and you can just feel the change, the positive change towards milder weather and it certainly heightens the mood.

Then, on April 3rd, it started snowing, and it did not stop for hours.  In a short time, the Spring landscape had completely changed.  Below are a couple of photos of what it was like at night with a short video.


Remember, we are talking April here!

A very cold videoing experience, about -8…

And then, in the morning, instead of the sun having it’s hat on, the basketball and it’s sporting partner had their hats on, and they were going no where on this frozen pool.


Nature’s invitation, anybody for snow cake?

But despite the dramatic Spring weather change, this was the really nice, fluffy snow, which is far more pleasant than the freezing rain followed by slushy snow that we experienced just a couple of weeks ago.


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