Skiing on Mt Tremblant 

Taking the ski lift up to the village was great, the kids absolutely loved it.  Arriving in the village you are welcomed by the hustle and bustle of skiers everywhere, adorning vibrant outfits, people of all ages and all abilities, and the fact that Mt Tremblant was dressed in stunning snow just made the whole place more spectacular. Continue reading “Skiing on Mt Tremblant “

Late November and an early tease!

I have been told by family and friends, that this last time last year, was terribly cold in Toronto and the snow had already established itself and remained for quite a while, quite a while being several months.  We received some snow yesterday, a tease I would like to describe it as. I have been in Canada before during the winter, I have experienced -35degrees in Kitchener and not too far from that temperature in Toronto too, this was several years ago.  However this is a different experience, the anticipation has excitement and nervousness weaved into it, along with a few other emotions, strange I know.

The first few photos are from outside my brother in laws house and the others are from my parents in laws apartment. The last time I posted photos from their apartment was to show the lovely view which  was fantastic and the views were far reaching. These photos show the gentle sprinkle of snow over Toronto, almost like when icing sugar decorates a cake for the finishing touches, except these are not finishing touches over Toronto, this is a tease, what is to come, from what I have been told (and have briefly experienced before) will be more like icing on top of a cake, frosting as some would say (a more relevant term I think)…looks inviting and tastes sweet but it will be bitter…bitterly cold…we already have the Brrrrr effect!