Leaving for Montreal…oh, better check the weather then?

So here we go, a road trip to Montreal with the family…to visit more family which is always a joy.  We are packed, car is booked, snacks are ready, books and CDs  are selected, toys have been chosen…

Yep, we were in Toronto leaving for Montreal, I did not see this coming…and just to clarify, we were travelling from Toronto towards Montreal, been there many times before but never driven myself, a chilly welcome I suppose!  Not just snow was forecast, but winds of up to 70  kilometers per hour and in some areas, zero visibility.

So by now, you have gathered that there is an extreme weather warning for Toronto, southern Ontario, oh hang on, lets just throw an extreme weather warning in for Montreal too…lovely, thanks, thanks a lot!

We left at six in the morning, wanted to get a head start before the storms arrive.   I had rented a full size car from Enterprise, but when I got there, they had no full size available, with my charm and humour I managed to secure a large SUV for the same price, perfect for the trip, all wheel drive too…


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