The snow has fallen (or has been dumped, to be more exact)

Ok, so we survived the road trip to Montreal, it went really well actually.  The snow had fallen the night before in Montreal, and they had a lot of it…

It was very cold, with the wind chill it was about minus 20 in the afternoon, with the night being colder, dropping to minus 25.

Yep, I know, that’s a lot of snow…

In this post, there are some photos of the snow around my sister-in-laws house, below, the sun chair which has definitely seen better days is a sight, just looking at the icicles make you feel chilly.

When a snow shovel is just not enough…


The outdoor heater has had enough, its as if it is closing in on itself to shelter from the wind and snow!

In the distance is actually the River of the Prairies, frozen, covered in snow, and although you cannot see it in this photo, there were a small group of people who were making holes in the ice and fishing.

I am sure there must be some technical term for this, but to be honest, let me just say:  it is at least minus 20, the river is frozen and covered in snow and people are fishing, let that sink in for a moment!

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