Arrival and welcome from Mt Tremblant, Quebec 

We finally arrived after about two hours driving from Montreal to Mt Tremblant, and as you may appreciate from the photos below, it was a spectacular welcome.  

The sun was out, stunning electric blue skies, heaps of snow everywhere, a really nice feel to the place…but it was soooooo cold!  My eldest was so excited, it is as if she is prostrating to the snow and thanking it for being there in abundance.

The youngest in the photo above can barley see in front of her as she slowly but surely disappears into a pile of snow.

A ski stand outside the washrooms.

A huge choice of skiing options available at this ski resort to cater for all different levels and abilities.

Lovely, colourful buildings whcih give so much character to this place, more to come in upcoming posts.

It wasn’t too long before we needed to warm up near the log fire, the kids definitely appreciated this, even with all the correct layers and snow gear, the cold is harsh.

Ski lift to the village, a couple of videos coming up in later posts.

Icicle display, the ones on the far right are the most impressive…

A little ski village within a ski village.  The miniature houses were actually covered when we got there, the kids slowly but surely began to uncover them as if they were excavating some delicate bones, they really did take a lot of care at unveiling them.


Honey, I think someone shrunk one of the kids!

A proud little excavator, good job!

8 thoughts on “Arrival and welcome from Mt Tremblant, Quebec 

  1. nzainabshah

    This place looks so ‘fairytale’, the icicles are fascinating upon the colourful buildings. The yellow one is in fact my favourite! The girls look adorable wrapped up warm, can not wait for the videos xx

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