A stroll through snowy Mt Tremblant village, Quebec

This is by far the snowiest village I have taken a stroll through…the kids asked for snow, they got snow, lots of it…

The man on the balcony on the photos above and below, shoveling unwanted snow to the ground below.

You want this snowball do you, come…try and get it!

One asking the other for a little share in her huge snowball:

Just that little bit please

It ain’t happening I’m afraid, I am not letting go and I am not sharing!

This is my icicle and I am proud of it.

No matter how cold, the array of colourful buildings did create a very inviting feeling.


The hill below was very icy on some parts, and as we walked casually down, the odd icicle would fall or a small rumbling of snow from the roofs and balconies above.

A Beavertail treat to come later on, Mmmmm


Little did my eldest know at this point that tonight she would be driving one of these (well, a bit smaller anyway) all by herself.

A very careful driver indeed, enjoying the view, well, just about over the steering wheel.


Queen of the village, and why not, she and her team uncovered this with their bare hands, credit to them, it was at least -25:)


The following several images showing the beauty of snow covered buildings, some of them are already nice to look at, but draped in fluffy snow, they do look very nice, very Christmasy, these were some of my favourite.

Below is the nearest the kids got to warm weather during this Montreal road trip.

Casey’s Grill and Bar getting some much needed help to be seen by passers by.



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