Steer exposes imaginary inner worlds through a fusion of biology and technology.

Movement is driven by the interplay of sound, visuals and light, interacting with and responding to sensors.  We direct our focus and energy from the internal to the external world by modulating the speed and dynamics of our motion.


Through this movement, the performance establishes abridge to a dreamlike state and the hidden world of thought, manifesting it in reality.  Steer considers the impact on humanity of the merging flesh and technology.

Zata Omm Dance Projects is Zen and the Actualization of Modern Movement.  Artistic Director William Yong has made the organisation a site for research focusing on the integration of dance, technology and broader culture.

Zata Omm is in constant development with ongoing research that explores the artistic climate, reflects contemporary culture and leads emerging artistic trends.

Zata Omm’s objective is to create multidisciplinary contemporary dance works, integrating dance, technology and other art forms onstage in order to provide an alternative way of seeing our world, and to facilitate our exploration and understanding of the human condition.

Zata Omm is a forward-thinking  dance company with a unique aesthetic renowned for its ability to humanise technological elements and create a deep connection with audiences.  William Yong has created more than 65 dance works worldwide.

Zata Omm strives to demonstrate environmental responsibility by using renewable energy.  All electricity Zata Omm consumes at Fleck Dance Theater during the week of Steer is being offset by Bullfrog Power Inc.

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