Yoho National Park, the gorgeous village of Field 

(My solo road trip of western Canada – Friday 2nd October)

I had no plan to stay here, it just happened that way.  Somethings are just meant to be, I mean this place was so beautiful, idyllic and just had so much charm, it has history too, as it was established in the 1880’s.  I simply crossed over to see what the village of Field was like, fell in love with its sheer beauty and landscape.  I drove around a little (there are fewer than 200 people who live here) and a few places were already booked and then I came across this amazing building and got some very nice accommodation for a reasonable price.

After I settled in, I decided to go for a short walk before sunset, as I was leaving the accommodation, I saw what looked like Elk or Deer, but I was quite far, so it was not clear.  I ran back into the accommodation as I did not have my camera.  I got into the car to follow, and after about 10 minutes I found them.   They were really beautiful, serene, glorious in their movement, such beautiful animals that I do not believe should ever be harmed.

The three photos that follow the one of inside the room I was staying (which I had to myself for the night) show the view I had from two of the bedroom windows, …if only I had this incredible view every day it would be so refreshing and energising.

The village is utterly gorgeous, it is like those idyllic towns you see pictured on postcards.  The building are so distinct, colourful and inviting.  I had a wonderful breakfast in a local cafe, excellent service and a very tasty breakfast that set me up for the morning exploration that was to unfold.

Throughout my road trip, I had seen numerous fire danger signs, as you may have read in my earlier blogs of this road trip, the danger level was usually low, moving to moderate.  However, the morning I left the town of Field, the danger level moved to…(see below).









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