Yoho National Park, Takakkaw Falls

(My solo road trip of western Canada – Saturday 3rd October)

Onwards and upwards as they say.  I left the stunning village of Field to continue on through Yoho National Park, I was really happy with how much I did yesterday, I got through quite a bit, it was really a jam packed day:  Mount Revelstoke National Park, Glacier National Park’s spectacular drive, Town of Golden, Yoho National Park: the mesmerising Emerald Lake and the fascinating Natural Bridge, and the gorgeous village of Field…phew!

One of the main highlights of Yoho National Park is Takakkaw Falls. Fortunate timing as this place is closed throughout the winter from October until June, the main reason being high risk of avalanches in this area.  You certainly get an idea of why you would not risk trying to traverse up here during the harsher conditions just through the drive that brings you here.

I hope you get some idea of what the drive is like, I can tell you, it was a fantastic drive, tremendous views, rugged landscape and some of the switchbacks, as you can see below, are very tricky and keep you alert. Its pretty spectacular, the height of the falls is over 1200ft, but for me more impressive is the free fall of water which is over 800ft.

Takakkaw Falls are one of the highest falls in Canada.  In the Cree language, the word Takakkaw means “magnificent” which aptly fits a description for these falls.  From the moment you catch a glimpse of these falls from a distance as you are driving, to when you walk towards it as you leave your car, until you get so close that you feel the wonderful spray gently sprinkling itself all over you, describing the falls as magnificent is a good place to start.



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