-35 on Mt Tremblant…painful but fun!

The temperature was set to plummet to a pretty severe -35 on Mt Tremblant, however, there were a couple of activities that needed to be done before bedtime…

Yep,  sliding and tubing at night on Mt Tremblant  It was incredibly cold, very painful, but, it was fun, so much fun.

The sleds look small, but get the technique right while sliding and you can really pick up some speed…

Then onto tubing, a whole lot of fun, trust me, in -35 you need all the fun you can get!  You can go solo, in twos, or even link up to make as many as 8.

I am happy I captured this little tubing adventure, but by the time we got to the bottom, I honestly could not feel a thing in either hand.

I think she had fun…to show her joy, she attempted to roll down the hill, she struggled a little with direction.

On the way back to the hotel, this short video captures the a lovely walk through the village at night after an awesome experience of sliding and tubing in ridiculously cold weather, I really could not film any longer than this minute.





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